Remote Deposit – Making Business Banking Easier

By: SBQ Staff | 9 Jan 2013

So what is “Remote Deposit” anyway? If you’re a medical professional it’s just about the best thing since anesthesia! You don’t have to worry about your employees taking an hour to make a trip to the bank. You don’t have to worry about what happens if your employee gets in a wreck or robbed while on the clock. You don’t have to worry about much of anything about getting your practice’s check payments into your bank account. It couldn’t be any easier.

Remote Deposit lets your regular office computer “capture” your patients’ check payment information and convert it to available funds in your practice’s operating account. It’s economical, it’s fast, and it’s available from Texas Republic Bank. The bank’s Management officer, John Henderson, understands everything about the check collection process and how to maximize its benefits to your practice.

How about some questions. What if your computer is down? No problem – drive the deposit to the bank or just drop it in the mail. Just because you’re using the best way possible to make deposits doesn’t mean you can’t do it the old way! What if your trained staff person is out? Same solution. Forgets all the training? Same solution again. And John Henderson will also make sure that, if your staff is large enough, at least two people are fully trained in the Remote Deposit process. Believe us – it’s not microbiology!

Getting check payments into the electronic collection process not only improves your cash flow – it’s got another significant benefit. The quicker your customer’s check information gets to their bank for payment the less likely that it’s going to bounce. It’s a fact that nothing else improves check collections like Remote Deposit. Not chasing your patients for payments saves your staff even more time.

So how do you get started? You or your business manager can contact John Henderson directly by phone at 214-619-3914, or by email at He’ll carefully walk you through the process and show you some actual examples of how Texas Republic Bank’s medical professional customers are using Remote Deposit to their benefit. We believe an easier way of doing banking its “banking like it oughta be!”

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