Women on US Currency

By: SBQ Staff | 26 Mar 2019

The United States Dollar is one of the most traded and popular currencies in the world after becoming a global currency following World War I. A woman has not appeared on the dollar bill in over a century now, and only a few women have ever been represented on U.S. currency.

In the United States Treasury’s 228-year history, few women have been represented on United States currency. Though, more women have appeared on United States coins. On the #1 silver certificate, Martha Washington, the wife of George Washington, appeared. This coin was issued in the 1880 and 1890 and was discontinued with the turn of the century.

Women that were featured on other U.S. coins include:

  • Lucy Pickens, who appeared on the $10 Confederate bank note in 1862
  • In the 1860s, Pocahontas appeared on the backside of the twenty-dollar bill.
  • Sacagawea on the dollar coin
  • Susan B. Anthony on the dollar coin
  • Helen Keller’s appearance on the special-issue Alabama quarter.

In 2015, the United States Treasury Department announced that a woman would be featured in the new ten dollars bill. The new $10 bill was planned to be released in 2020 with Harriet Tubman replacing Alexander Hamilton. The $10 bill is now expected to be released in 2026.

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