Quanah Parker Exhibit

By: SBQ Staff | 12 Apr 2012

Texas Republic Bank is proud to sponsor and be a part of the opening of the Quanah Parker Exhibit at the Frisco Heritage Museum. Texas Republic Bank believes that this is a perfect partnership due to its unique heritage that dates back to 1891 with Security Bank in Quanah, Texas. The Exhibit is open to the public April 11 through May 27. For more information on the Exhibit please see below:

Quanah Parker, Last Chief of the Comanches-Photography ExhibitQuanah Parker, eldest son of Cynthia Ann Parker and Peta Nocona, was the last chief of the Comanche’s.  He led a fierce band of warriors on the Llano Escatado (Staked Plain) of northwest Texas before surrendering at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma in 1870.  With one foot in two worlds, he became a statesman for his tribe, a wealthy cattle rancher and a friend of cattleman Charles Goodnight and President Theodore Roosevelt.  However, he refused to convert to Christianity or to give up his braids and his many wives.  The exhibit features photos of Quanah that reflect his life as he learned to blend two cultures by taking his mother’s family name and providing leadership to the Comanche people as they entered the 20th century.  Through the generous sponsorship of Texas Republic Bank, the Frisco Convention and Visitors Bureau and private collectors, we will have additional Indian artifacts on display.  Your entire family will enjoy this exhibit. 

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