New Home Construction Financing

By: SBQ Staff | 5 Sep 2013
If you are involved in any aspect of business that involves single family residences you’ll find Texas Republic Bank has been there also. The loan officers at the bank have financed every conceivable type of investment, construction, management, lending, and any other business venture possible that involves a residence. This is the third in a series of blog articles identifying some of the more common types of loans that the bank likes to make to its customers.
At some point in every family’s life there’s a new home in their future. Up-sizing, down-sizing, better schools, better neighborhoods, shorter commute, less crime, whatever the reason is, the end result is a new home.
Rest assured that Texas Republic Bank will be there to provide construction financing for homes from modest to, well let’s just say blow-your-socks-off spectacular! From Prosper to Highland Park, or from Lucas to Coppell, or at any other location in the Metroplex where you want to live, the bank’s lenders like Maureen McGuire are ready to help you turn your dream into dream home!
If you don’t have a builder already picked out Maureen can introduce you to multiple builders who have demonstrated the ability to build homes that satisfy their customers. If you already have a builder you’re welcome to bring him or her into the bank to discuss alternatives regarding the construction and permanent financing for your new home.
The main thing to keep in mind is that Texas Republic Bank lenders like Maureen have done what you need time and time again. It might well be new to you, but it’s old hat for her! So call Maureen at (214) 619-3913 or contact her at Everyone has a dream and we’d like to be part of yours–that’s banking like it oughta be!
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