Attention Debit Card Customers

By: SBQ Staff | 29 Jun 2012
Dear Valued Customer:
You should have recently received your new Texas Republic Bank Debit MasterCard in the mail. Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) has not changed.
The bank is upgrading to a new Debit MasterCard system and this card will replace your existing card effective July 11, 2012. On July 11th, please destroy your old card and start using the new card you received.
The new system will allow you to see your Debit MasterCard transactions as they occur online in real time via our Internet Banking system and allow the bank to access your card information more efficiently. If you currently use your Debit MasterCard to make online payments (e.g. your utility bill) you will need to update your credit card information on those accounts and change the card information – the card number should be the same but the card expiration date and the 3-digit card security code (CSC) (sometimes called Card Verification Data (CVD), or Card Verification Value (CVV)) located on the back of your new card have changed.
We are working to make the transition to the new system as seamless as possible, but if you have any questions or experience any problems with the new card, please call us at Texas Republic Bank (972 334-0700) or Security Bank (940 663-6331).
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